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Madonna de joven: fotos de Richard Corman para la exposición 'A Transformational Exhibition'

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Before the world knew her as Madonna, the one-named pop star who transformed the entertainment industry, a 24-year-old Madonna Louise Ciccone invited photographer Richard Corman to her Lower East side apartment for a photo shoot. It was 1982, and the budding starlet was on the cusp of releasing her self-titled debut album. Yet Madge's iconic street style and rebellious energy were already in full bloom -- radiating from her mysterious cat eyes, black bangles and legendary '80s garb. Corman recounted the memorable experience to Elle Magazine: "She served me an espresso with a Bazooka bubble gum, I will never forget it. The kids from the projects would all come up and sing and dance along with her. I documented all of this. I was a voyeur." "Madonna: A Transformational Exhibition," curated by Rock Paper Photo, will unveil seven never-before-seen photographs from this fortuitous meeting, shot by Corman and fellow photographer George DuBose. The photos capture the fresh-faced star lounging around her apartment, posing with neighborhood kids on the roof, and looking at home amid the rubble of early '80s downtown New York City. The photos will be on view in New York from April 11 until May 12 at W Hotels around the city. On April 11, two of the photos will be transformed live in Times Square by NYC street artist Alec Monopoly. Visit the website for details. See a preview of the exhibition below and let us know what you think of these photos of the material girl in the comments.

Estas fotos de Madonna, joven, antes de hacerse con la corona de reina del pop, se expondrán este mes en Nueva York, la ciudad donde las tomó el fotógrafo Richard Corman en 1982.

Fue el año en que debutó con el single Everybody, un año antes de su primer álbum. Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone, de entonces 24 años, invitó a Corman a su apartamento en el Lower East side de Nueva York para una sesión de fotos. Algunas de aquellas imágenes de la joven Madonna forman a muestra Madonna: A Transformational Exhibition, comisariada por Rock Paper Photo.

madonna joven fotos

Las fotos de aquel encuentro, algunas de ellas inéditas, que Corman tomó junto a su colega George DuBose, se expondrán en Nueva York del 11 de abril al 12 de mayo en W Hotels. El primer día, dos réplicas de las fotos serán intervenidas artísticamente en pleno Times Square por el artista Alec Monopoly.

"Me sirvió un espresso con un chicle Bazooka, es algo que nunca olvidaré", contó Corman a la revista Elle.

En esta galería, algunas de las fotos de la muestra sobre Madonna (en Instagram, @madonna), que Rock Paper Photo organiza con Vitaminwater y W Hotels.

Fotos de Madonna joven, por Richard Corman
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