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Anna J Lawrence

Author of Fools' Words & Emilee

Anna's first book was her fictionalised memoir, Fools' Words. Telling the story of a relationship that quickly became abusive, destructive and eventually left her in fear of her life; running from a man who destroyed and took everything she owned, including (almost) her sanity. Since then she has published her second book, Emilee. Both have received 5* reviews on amazon both in the UK, the USA and Australia. Anna gives talks on her life as an author and survivor of domestic abuse. Anna is currently working on her third book, where having discovered a penchant for making her readers cry in her previous contributions to the world of reading, she aims to not disppoint in this story too.
Hay vida después de la violencia doméstica (pero no como la

Hay vida después de la violencia doméstica (pero no como la imaginas)

<img alt="woman silhouette" src="" />Cualquiera que haya sufrido violencia doméstica podrá comprender la ardua tarea a la que nos enfrentamos para recomponernos a nosotros mismos, nuestras vidas y nuestra fe en el resto del mundo. Volver a ganar esa capacidad de confianza supone un esfuerzo sobrehumano.
27/02/2016 09:58 CET