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Iván Escalante López

Industrial engineer

Iván Escalante López was born in Valladodid (Spain) 26 years ago. He earned a degree of industrial engineering specialized in mechanics in his town's university. His only professional experience has been an internship in the manufacturing department of a local SME. After that, he took a second course in industrial engineering, also in the University of Valladodid. His completed his end of course project in HTW in Berlin thanks to an Erasmus grant. He is currently doing his masters in production engineering in Madrid. He keeps taking classes to enhance his knowledge of aspects related to his field and languages (German and English). Since he came back to Spain last summer he has been looking for a job.
Yo contra seis millones de

Yo contra seis millones de parados

Como cada día, después de desayunar, te dispones para otra jornada de trabajo deseando que hoy sea tu último día así. Mi trabajo consiste en vender un producto, yo mismo, en un mercado con muy poca demanda y mucha, muchísima, oferta.
26/03/2013 08:32 CET