28/09/2021 06:48 CEST

Jimmy Kimmel Spots The Weirdest Line In Trump's Big Speech

The former guy once again claimed to win a war that never existed.

The calendar might say September, but Donald Trump is already fully engaged in the war on Christmas, as Jimmy Kimmel noted on Monday night. 

At a weekend rally, Trump issued his usual range of personal grievances and conspiracy theories

But Kimmel spotted another line.

“Mouth Rushmore also gave himself a pat on the back for one of his top 10 imaginary accomplishments: that is winning Fox News’s famous war on Christmas,” Kimmel said, then he rolled a clip from the event. 

“They are starting to say very strongly, ‘merry Christmas,‘” Tump boasted. “They’re all saying ‘merry Christmas’ again.”

Kimmel didn’t buy it.

“Who’s saying that in September?” Kimmel asked. “Who is saying ‘merry Christmas’ in September?” 

See more in his Monday night monologue: