Las fotos que a Twitter e Instagram no les ha hecho falta censurar

Las fotos que a Twitter e Instagram no les ha hecho falta censurar

Internet tiene una nueva moda relacionada con la delgadez. Se trata de un reto que nace en China y que se ha convertido en viral en Twitter e Instagram, pero para mal.

El desafío consiste en demostrar, con una foto, si estás más delgado que un folio del tamaño estándar A4. Si te pasas, es que no estás en forma.

Bajo la etiqueta #A4waist, la gente demostraba orgullosa que su cintura no medía más de esos 21 centímetros. Sin embargo, las redes sociales no han tardado en censurar un comportamiento que no tiene en cuenta los riesgos para la salud que conllevan este tipo de comparaciones. Así es como el hashtag se volvió en contra de los que presumían de delgadez:

Así se sumaban al reto...

繼反手摸肚臍後的 A4腰😀😜😝get!!!! - #a4waist

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I don't know if you guys have heard of the #a4waist #a4waistchallenge but I heard about it today and wanted to give it a go. Apparently women have been holding 8.3" sheets of A4 paper against their stomachs to show how small their waists are at less than 25" if they fit inside a sheet of paper, now I never measure myself and I haven't so much as stood on a weighing scales in years. Since having my two children my body has changed incredibly, my hips are far wider and I feel thicker and larger all over. When I look in the mirror I don't see myself as slim or small in any way but more wide and softer around the edges and I constantly compare myself to the mental image of my prepregnancy body which I know is ridiculous because I became a mother almost 9yrs ago now! I decided to take this challenge as a way to measure my body size against my own eyes and the eyes of society and I wasn't expecting what I found. My waist is almost the size of an A4 page and I was expecting it to be far wider for how I perceive my shape and size, but in putting it into perspective like this I can see that my body hang ups are in my mind l. Regardless of our size we should be happy in our own skin, beauty isn't a number, weight or measurement it is a feeling and this just goes to show that we all need to cut ourselves a little slack with how we interpret our appearance 💋💞💋💞💋💞 #paper #paperchallenge #waist #trend #trending #waisttrainer #waisttraining #slim #skinny #body #bodyimage #size #weight #attraction #female #girl #woman #curves #thick #legs #shape #hourglass #bikini #beyou #beyourself #beautiful #beauty

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... Y así ha reaccionado Internet

#a4waist #stopa4waistchallenge #loveyourself

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